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TAC 25 Wingmen AI or Targeting Issues?

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I’ve been attempting to complete the last mission in the excellent TTQ campaign but seem to be running up against wingmen AI shortcomings and/or A-10 targeting limitations. The two defined targets briefing targets are representative:


Target 1:

A command post with several support vehicles is sitting in the middle of an open field. The target coordinates given in the briefing are spot on. With the command post set as SPI and shared via DMS left long, the flight is instructed to attack the target with unguided bombs from the south. They respond “Roger” but never hook the target. They call “Rejoining” after about 30 seconds from instruction. The same result occurs if they are ordered to use guided bombs.

If the flight is instructed to attack with mavericks they attack and successfully destroy the command post and supporting vehicles. We are flying at 10,000 ft and are about 6 miles south of the target when initiating attack instructions in both cases. Any ideas why the flight will not engage with bombs?


Target 2:

A large tank convoy (approximately 12 tanks including SAMs) is traveling southeast along a narrow road with trees on both sides of the roadway for its entire length. I can locate the convoy via TGP and share my SPI but repeated instructions to engage air defenses with mavericks are met with the dreaded “Roger” followed shortly by “Rejoining”. I am assuming this is due to interference from the tree line on either side of the roadway. Since there is no portion of the roadway that is clear of trees, what tips do you recommend to get the AI to engage?


This is the last mission in the campaign and, although I would like to complete it, I have learned a great deal to this point and can accept moving on if there are no good suggestions for the above scenarios. Thanks in advance for any help you can give.

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Sorry I missed this thread.


We recommend that you take out the air threats (SAM and AAA) yourself. Usually the AI won't attack if there are air threats in the area.


So best to use them on targets after the air threats are eliminated.


Also when sending the targets to your wingmen make sure you are close enough to the target (and they are in formation with you). There have been some changes to the AI so they need to be close to the targets to see them.


If you still have problems post a .trk file (of either the practice mission or qualification mission) and we can investigate further.


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