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[INVESTIGATING]CMS don't work when SIM Boxed.

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Title says it all, the CMS system isn't working if SIM is boxed even if the Master ARM is on, believe this is tied to the strange idea that continues to exist that the Hornets ALE requires the master arm to be on, however even with the Master ARm in the ON position the ALE system will not dispense even in BYPASS if/when SIM is boxed.


This is a bug and incorrect, as it is quite common for CMS despensing to take place during SIM boxed ACM etc (normally with training CM's in the dispensers).


Steps to Reproduce.



SMS - Box Sim.

Master ARM - On

ALE - Bypass.

CMDS - Either.


Result: No dispensing.


What should be happening/Expected: Flares/Chaff should function as normal.


Also another point as to why the CMS is not tied to the Master Arm.

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