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How to create kneeboard jpg from text using lua


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Hi everyone,


I'm looking for a way to create kneeboard size .jpg image (or .pdf) starting from a lua text string. Is there a way to do so w/o having to install any software or addition?




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Create lua file inside kneeboard folder. Call it 1.lua and it will show up as first kneeboard page. Now you can write lua stuff to output your text on the kneeboard page:




local FONT = MakeFont({ used_DXUnicodeFontData = "font_dejavu_lgc_sans_condensed_17" }, { 0, 0, 0, 255 }) 


    local txt = CreateElement "ceStringPoly"
    txt.value = "My text"
    txt.material = FONT
    txt.init_pos = { h_center, v_center }
    txt.alignment = "CenterCenter"
    txt.stringdefs = { 0.005, 0.0013, 0, 0 }
    txt.use_mipfilter = true
    txt.h_clip_relation = h_clip_relations.COMPARE
    txt.level = DEFAULT_LEVEL


Define h_center and v_center with the position you want the text to appear on the kneeboard page.

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Yes, sure. Like this:


    local imageMaterial = MakeMaterial(path, { 255, 255, 255, 255 })

    local back = CreateElement "ceTexPoly"
    back.name = create_guid_string()
    back.material = imageMaterial
    back.init_pos = { x - 1, GetAspect() - y }
    back.vertices = {
        { 0, 0 },
        { width, 0 },
        { width, -height },
        { 0, -height }
    back.indices = { 0, 1, 2; 0, 2, 3 }
    back.tex_coords = texture_box(0, 0, 1, 1)
    back.h_clip_relation = h_clip_relations.COMPARE
    back.level = DEFAULT_LEVEL


This basically defines two triangles building a rectangle. The texture(material) of that rectangle is the picture loaded from "path". You need to define x, y, width and height to define where the rectangle/image should be drawn inside of the kneeboard page.

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very cool thanks, so path is one path in computer like "D:\...\image.png" ?


Another question, is it possible to link that lua file with one mission script lua file to put some dynamic variables depending of the mission and insert new pages during the mission ?

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I tried the single message text, add 1.lua file in F18 KNEEBOARD. I see a new page but empty, no background no text !


I remplaced  txt.init_pos = { h_center, v_center } with txt.init_pos = { 0, 0}  et set 

local FONT = MakeFont({ used_DXUnicodeFontData = "font_dejavu_lgc_sans_condensed_17" }, { 0, 0, 0, 255 })  with 

local FONT = MakeFont({ used_DXUnicodeFontData = "font_dejavu_lgc_sans_condensed_17" }, { 255,255,255, 255 }) 


And no change !


Help !



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