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Bug/Crash A10c, CMS system, Flares.

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Ive run across a persistent bug/crash. Is anyone having the same problem, or can recreate?


A10c Counter Measures: Flares.


I change a CMS program to 000 Chaff, 999 Flare, 0.25 interval, 1 cycle. When i activate the program. DCS freezes. Sometimes it hangs so bad, i cant open Task Manager.


This has happened 4 or 5 times now.



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sounds like some sort of overun error. But like Biga42 said.. why are you setting it like this?


Keep it realistic and you shouldn't have any problems.

Because you can? :D

Because sometimes you really want to do a complete flare dump (and jettison just isn't fun enough)?




If it were realistic, the A-10 wouldn't exactly fall out of the sky (or the world come to an immediate end) just because you butterfingered the CMS switches. The CMS would at most just go “uh, no” or simply go on the fritz.

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