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Screen goes black with KA-50 using Shkval on Rift S (depending on where I'm looking)


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The problem is that the screen will sometimes go black. The screen is NOT off as this time, if the chat window is up, I can see that fine as well as communication windows and alerts. If I look in other directions, I can see. If I were to rotate, say, 90 degrees right I'll be able to see again, but if I then look left back at my original azimuth, the screen goes black. All external views work fine as well as map view, briefings etc.


I believe it is specifically related to when the Shkval is active. I have yet to notice this happen when it is caged and I'm just navigating. It doesn't happen immediately after uncaging, but several minutes into a fight, I'll start having the issue. I can alleviate it by caging and flying in a different direction for a minute or two, but I'll maybe get a few seconds of being able to target before it happens again.


This only happens on the KA50 and I haven't been able to recreate it in the Hornet, Tomcat, Jeff, Huey, etc. However, in the Hornet, I have seen the screen flicker black once or twice, usually on startup, before it goes away. This has happened in no other VR game I've played. Not even a flicker.


Please let me know if you need any more information as I love flying my li'l Black Shark and this is extremely annoying. :)


Edit: I get dark flashes with other modules, but they usually go away after a few minutes.

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