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[REPORTED]SMS with LG82 shows CODE on SMS main page

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With a LG82 selected, the SMS format shows the CODE function at the left bottom push button which allows you to set the PRF code for the weapon via the UFC.



Since last patch, this push button function is also active at the SMS main page (i.e. without any LG82 selected). Selecting different weapons shows it's respectife SMS format correctly (i.e. without CODE push button). But it gets somewhat problematic, if you just select GUN. Then the very same push button is assigned one of the two possible ammo types - while still also being assigned the CODE function. The displayed text is mixed up / overlayed over each other.




The CODE function seems to have priority, though. Whenever it is selected, you can even set the PFRF code for the LGBs, without having them selected.





SMS main page CODE.trk



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