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There are several weird issues with the Su-25 ("A" and T) that have not been fixed.

First, even with immortality on, the nose wheel steering system breaks very easily, as in it stops working if I turn too hard. With immortality on, the wheel just bursts as I taxi to the runway.

With immortality on, the wings can snap in a high G turn. The plane spins out of control and the wing is on fire bit looks intact (again, with immortality on).

Next, the air brakes only seem to work when flying level; slowing down to land is very difficult (this could be realistic but I don't know).

Finally, the most bizarre issue of all. If the plane hits something , it violently spins around before either exploding or holding still in the air and emitting hundreds of pieces of debris until it slows down the game before crashing it altogether (see the track).

Su-25 glitch.trk

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Hi, I've created a mission with immortality ON, I've just tested this with the Su-25T and the latest OB (, and I agree on all of the above:


-Wings do break when subject to high-G stress, even though they look intact.

-Gears do break during hard landings and drifts.

-An impact with a ground object at a high speed makes the aircraft spin at an exponential speed (my DCS subsequently froze, I just could't get a track).


Attached are a few tracks of mine. I've tried to force immortality through mission options (no effect), gameplay options (no effect) and aircraft option "Immortal=ON" (no effect).


Just to be sure it was not a global bug, I've also tried doing the same with the Tomcat: she remained intact.




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