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Two small airfields near Kutaisi

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I've always been curious about the two small airfields near the city of Kutaisi.

With the recent increase in the number of propeller airplanes at DCS, opening these two airfields would I think it will be better for those who prefer propeller airplanes and helicopters.




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Yeah, I um, discovered one of the Kutaisi airfields by accident, while flying the Viggen during the free-to-fly offer. Meant to land at Kutaisi itself, but got confused as I turned onto final, and lined up on the one shown in the screenshots. :doh: Fortunately, I'd set the auto-thrust-reverse gadget, so no great harm done. If I'd been flying any of the jets other then the Viggen, it would have ended in tears.

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What needs to happen is:

- Allow more aircraft to start from ground like Harrier and helicopters can.

- Allow ATC, refueling/rearming, perhaps also repairing to be possible from areas that aren't bases or FARPs.


This way we can have lots of properly functioning little runways and/or roadbases.


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1. is doable pretty easy. You just have to do it after every update, clients only (AI does not work)


inside: programs/DCS/database/scripts

edit the file: me_route.lua


somewhere at line 150 copy over the attributes form the helos over to the planes

Wish list: late DCS: GR.1 (with GR.1B) Tornado, Improved Combined Arms (like OFP/ArmA I/ArmA II), Improved Logistics

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