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single Light Unit request

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Hi, i would be great if we could get a single powered light for the Mission Editor as a unit.


A great option would be the "Bartow Beacon"





These were small portable lights used to light runways.



"WW2 Line Material Co. Bartow HILV (high intensity, low visability) runway approach beacon"




Here is a whole page dedicated to Aviation lenses:





On YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/philstylenz

Storm of War WW2 server website: https://stormofwar.net/



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Having a single-point lamp would be a very useful addition to DCS, especially if triggers could be used to create/destroy them. These are really small, so there would be no need to switch them on/off (although that would be nice), merely creating/deleting them would be sufficient to mark out the runway/taxi way.


They would also be very useful for non-WW2 too. They could be used to mark test target areas, cargo drop points for helicopters, or even linked to a ship to give them lighting, even if they don't have any.



In any case, this is a great idea, it would add a lot to the DCS environment, and it does not seem like a complicated model to make.

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+1, this is a good tool for mission makers


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I would absolutely love some runway lights, they'll make Wilde Sau possible for the Luftwaffe


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+1, placing custom lights in the ME would be grand

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