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[CHECKING] Fuel and Refueling/Defuling

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It appears that this aircraft still does not have the 270Gallon main tank stated in the manual and in the tutorial inside the game.



Also if you have fuel in the Aux tank and try to defuel the aircraft, none of the fuel in the aux tank is removed. Only fuel removed is from the main tank, everything in the Aux is only removed by running the engine.




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has this been resolved. it seems the Aux is filled first then the main.


That should put the plane into an unflyable tail-heavy C of G. Even with the main tank full, they had to drain the aux first before doing any combat maneuvering.


I noticed in a flight last night that once I drained the center drop tank, the wing drop tanks seems to be drained as well. Is this a known issue or should I do some more testing to verify it?

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