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Campaign mission 9 broken at take-off

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** Update : mission is now *completable* on current stable ( ! **


TLDR: bugged taxi AI + hold on 03L causes unescapable mission fail


(It's the mission where you escort a B-1B)


On current stable ( ) AI wingmen don't stop during taxi and crash into you. This can be usually avoided by taxiing fast and taking off without waiting. Unfortunately, this mission actually requires player to hold on 03L. Meaning you get crashed into the back by wingmen (ouch) who, to add insult to injury, push you over the hold line and you get a "mission failed" on top of a pile of broken mirages. :cry:


On current beta ( ) I think the first wingman does stop behind you but gets rammed by the lead of the following flight (stupid Max, didn't pay attention, probably was thinking about that sexy ATIS voice).


A workaround (or a fix) would be much appreciated. I'd like to hear the rest of the story. :)

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issue fixed in current stable
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though I promise I will try...


Nope nope nope ! Enjoy your vacations, I can wait. But thanks !


I have other campaigns to fly in the Mirage and I'm learning to fly the A10C (and looking forward to playing The Enemy Within once I'm proficient in that plane). :joystick:


Also, as a French person, I have to say the writing and voice acting in the M2000 campaigns are awesome. :thumbup:

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I experienced the same today... if I stop short, planes either bump into me or over take me. If I cross over left, instant fail.

I just held back and let planes pass to avoid collision.


I must have missed a trigger though, because the whole mission played out poorly for me and I struggled to keep up with Rocket.

It's a pity the triggers and missions are so finicky, even though I had final mission success and RTB, no further comms occurred, that is, no approach contact etc.




EDIT: For the sake of testing, I replayed the start of that mission and aircraft correctly stopped behind me without ramming this time.

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