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STRKFITRON EIGHT SEVEN - Open Recruiting for DCS Hornet Pilots!


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**UPDATE** The War Party is still seeking experienced F/A-18C Hornet pilots that are looking for a group of like-minded teammates who enjoy simulating tactically accurate representations of U.S. Naval aviation operations. Our Fleet Replacement Squadron VFA-106 is currently closed to additional CAT 1 (brand new) Hornet pilots, but we have a CAT Many refresh program that provides a fast-track to the Fleet for those pilots who are proficient in basic tactical execution to include aerial refueling, Case 1 pattern, and basic weapons employment (AIM-120, AIM-9X, TGP operations, HARM, and JDAM employment). Please see the message below for a full description of our squadron.


Strike Fighter Squadron EIGHT SEVEN (VFA-87) is a virtual Naval Aviation squadron that operates the F/A-18C Hornet in the Digital Combat Simulator World. VFA-87 is attached to Commander, Carrier Air Wing EIGHT and is completing workups in preparation for deployment onboard USS Theodore Roosevelt (CVN 71). The deployment is intended to re-create the 2005 Tomcat Sundown deployment to the Persian Gulf, with some creative license taken regarding the activities of potential threat nations in the FIFTH Fleet area of operations.


Our squadron is a small, close knit group of flight simulator enthusiasts who are looking for a particular type of unit. Our roster includes people from all walks of life, some of whom are either active duty or former military members. This includes Naval Aviators, Naval Flight Officers and Navy Aircrewmen, as well as members of the other branches of the military such as the Army, some of whom are pursuing their own private pilot qualification. Currently, the commanding officer of the squadron is an active duty Naval Flight Officer who recently deployed as the Mini Boss aboard a U.S. CVN. Additionally, we have members who have never served a day in the military, but simply appreciate the type of flying and camaraderie that is found within the unique environment of a Navy squadron.


Naval aviation is unique in that it blends high levels of professional execution in the cockpit with high levels of ridiculousness in in the ready room. Long periods away from family and friends at home create bonds of friendship that persist long after members transfer from their Navy squadrons. This is the type of culture we are working to build within VFA-87.


Within the squadron, we try to have two fly nights a week. Currently, one of those nights will typically be spent flying in an integrated mission involving the other active Carrier Air Wing EIGHT squadron, VF-31, and on occasion, other groups outside the air wing with whom we partner, such as Athena International. These flights usually occur on either Sat or Sun evenings beginning at 2100 EST. The other flight night will typically occur on either Mon or Tues evening and involves more part-task training to focus on weapons delivery or dedicating flight time to the FRS, VFA-106, in order to bring up pilots that are currently in the training track. Members are of course encouraged to fly whenever their schedule allows, and CVW-8 runs three dedicated servers to provide online opportunities to fly with your squadron and airwing.


While we understand that this simulation is a hobby and everyone has real-life responsibilities, it is expected that squadron members will make a dedicated effort to attend at least one flight night a week as often as they can. When unable to fly, participation in the Discord is highly encouraged as it helps build esprit decor. Without this level of participation, it can be difficult to integrate into a group and become proficient to the level required for our upcoming deployment. Circumstances will of course be considered on a case-by-case basis, but if you are looking to join our squadron, it is expected that is because you want to fly online with others!


If you are looking for a U.S.-based, Super Carrier and Hornet-focused group to join, please consider dropping by the Team Factory (CVW-8) Discord to find out more information about the Golden Warriors of VFA-87. Drop into the quarterdeck, mention you are looking to learn more about flying the Hornet in 87, and we will be standing by to answer any questions you may have! If you are ready to move forward with joining, please visit the website (link below signature) and submit an application so we can get to know you better!

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