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Flying in VR with low vision (legally blind)

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Hello all,


I now have the hardware to fly DCS in proper VR. Unfortunately, I'm also low vision (legally blind). I have Ocular Albinism I can't lean in close enough to read the controls/panels. Leaning into the HUD does not make it any bigger. It only appears the same size/distance. At least for me. What options, if any, are there to zoom in with VR? I looked for the VR zooms in the UI layer of the controls menu. It's empty.

I've put a screenshot on my Google Drive: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1gb9lWZIYL9ghQ76NS4LGZ0RUUSYeyAzE/view?usp=sharing Any help appreciated. Thank you!



A repair got the UI Layer controls back for me. Now, the VR Zoom for the cockpit is not quite enough and the Spyglass zoom again, for the cockpit is a bit too much. Is there a config file where I can adjust the amount of zoom in these two and/or create a new one?




Edit Two:

I found this thread It looks like just what I need. How does one create a new keybinding?

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You might want to try setting up a new custom snap view thats gets you closer, then use the zoom.



You will then need to also bind this snap view button as seen here.

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You need to bind a key to VR Zoom on UI Layer (personally I use space key, easy to find, but if you have some button on your hotas to spare, will help a lot), and VR Spyglass Zoom.

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You sure it is not the VR only doing 3DOF? Happens to my WMR when I had the PC on a while before firing up the WMR, it starts with 3DOF, after a minute or five it goes to full 6DOF. Usually I’d be halfway through my startup by then.

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