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Do synthetic runways work on any DCS map?

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not just any waypoint, but a "LANDING"-type waypoint which can only be created in the mission editor


if you created a waypoint on the runway during the flight, synthetic runway ain't gonna work


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Works in Georgia, Russia, and Nevada. Should work on any runway in PG that has an ILS.

Just as review synthetic runway. To see it and use it the following must be satisfied;

Runway needs to have ILS with XXX.XX format.

Runway needs to be the last waypoint. Could also be rearm/refuel field, but I am not sure on that.

In M2KC cockpit ILS needs to be set to same freq as runway and must be ON. Note that some fields only have ILS in one direction.

Nav system waypoint needs to be at last waypoint.


Satisfy requirements of waypoint, ILS freq, APP Nav mode, and distance to rwy. You should have intercepted the glideslope by the time synthetic runway is drawn.


At Nellis , it appears, that only 21L runway has ILS compatible with Mirage. But the landing runway may not be 21L. The rule if departing from Nellis, is that one of 21 runways is departure, other is recovery. If you took off from 21L, land on 21R and vice versa. ATC does not tell you which runway to use L or R. You have to figure it out by yourself.

APP mode is ON. Adjust seat height to compensate for HUD reprojection in APP mode.

Synthetic runway will be draw on last 10nm from runway, Final approach.

Gear should be down.

Approach speed , normally 150-180 kn, with 130 kn at runway threshold. Synthetic runway stops being drawn at runway threshold.

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