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Why runway start on Mission 9

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Just flew mission 9 of Red Flag 16-2 A10 but was surprised with a hot runway start. That’s never happened in any other mission. Is that correct cause docs and lineup card indicate cold ramp start.

Also any tips on using TGP in dark desert to lock up tanks for the mavs.

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Line-up card should have all the info since it is what would have been discussed in the Briefing or some info regarded as standard info.  It is as if you walkout out to the aircraft and conducted a cold start.  You just "spawned" into the cockpit just prior to take-off.

I suppose it is the prerogative of the campaign writers to shorten the mission time a bit.  Taxiing at night has its dangers and this mission can become a bit long sometimes, so do regular fuel checks otherwise you may end up running out of fuel.

TGP in the dark desert to lock up tanks for the MAVs:

Talk to JTAC with Comms menu on FM radio and he will (after your 9-liner readback) send you the location of the hostile convoy (visible on the TAD).  Simply press Wilco OSB and hook the small red triangle on the TAD (TAD must be SOI). 

Then make the hooked triangle your SPI and slave your TGP to the location (do not waste time since the convoy is moving and that location will eventually be further and further away from the convoy as it is left behind with them moving the whole time)


Alternatively you can cheat a bit and look at the F10 map and manually create a waypoint with the convoy's location.  Make a WPT some distance ahead of the convoy's mean line of advance and by the time you are done programming the vehicles should be visible in the vicinity.

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