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Logitech G Pro Flight Switch Panel


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It is not a true plug and play device and won’t show up in Windows game controller, as it was originally designed to be used directly with MS Flightsim and similar programs. You use DCSFlightpanels app to control it, either via direct key mapping or DCS-BIOS from within that app. The downside of DCS-BIOS is that you have to load a specific profile for a specific plane.

PC: 9900K/3090, 11700K/2080Ti, 8700K/1080.

Joystick bases: TMWx2, VPC WarBRD, MT50CM2, VKB GFII, FSSB R3L

Joystick grips: TM (Warthog, F/A-18C), Realsimulator (F-16SGRH, F-18CGRH), VKB (Kosmosima LH, MCG, MCG Pro), VPC MongoosT50-CM2

Throttles: TMWx2, Winwing Super Taurus, Logitech Throttle Quadrant, Realsimulator RS Linear Throttle (soon)

VR: HTC Vive/Pro/Pro 2, Oculus Rift/Quest 2, Valve Index

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