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Heatblur free trial 19th of June - 25th of June

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[CENTER][IMG]https://forums.eagle.ru/attachment.php?attachmentid=240116&stc=1&d=1592393620[/IMG][IMG]https://forums.eagle.ru/attachment.php?attachmentid=240117&stc=1&d=1592393620[/IMG][/CENTER] Dear all, In cooperation with our third-party partner Heatblur, a free trial event for the AJS-37 Viggen and the F-14A/B Tomcat will take place between the 19th of June and the 25th of June. We hope this will give you an opportunity to give these majestic aircraft a try. For feedback and discussion please visit this thread: [url]https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=278504[/url] [YOUTUBE]eY3y6v5AncQ[/YOUTUBE] Note: Unfortunately it has not been possible to bring the free trial to steam this time. Thank you [CENTER][IMG]https://forums.eagle.ru/attachment.php?attachmentid=235314&stc=1&d=1589025542[/IMG][/CENTER] Edited by BIGNEWY
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