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MFCD Glare issue on primary and exported monitors

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Did a test in latest OB / Repaired / Shaders deleted / Latest NVIDIA driver with regards to readability of in cockpit displays in aircraft with map displays and optical / IR viewing systems. To demonstrate the difference in the in cockpit display and the exported view of the same display.


First image is DCS using both my monitors as one screen (no export ) using windows extended display. The top half of the A-10C MFCD is my 40inch phillips 4k screen and the bottom half is my dell 22inch touch (just image a line the horizontally through the a10c MFCD screen - just cant see it) there is a little difference in glare due to the 2 monitors being different, but still pretty close


Second image is when I am using DCS multimonitor support to export the A10c cockpit screens to my dell 22inch - and the difference is significant - this is what I have been ranting about.


This issue affects the primary monitor TAD display, and TGP output in BHOT / WHOT modes


This is from the A10c instant action mission night flight. cheers.. hope you guys get this one fixed.


Third image is from the Harrier in a custom night mission, showing the map and NavFLir views including through the HUD. once again the glare washout to the primary monitor is significant, but the export to the second monitor is just fine


Fourth image is hornet at night, with MAV-F on left DDI, AMPCD is ok (not shown) and ground map suffers the same glare issue. also demonstrated is the export font and line issue specific to the hornet (a display issue still ) export display, extremely blurry. A problem which does not exist in the other aircraft.


Fifth image show Mav F looking at different terrain, interestingly mountains and grass can be seen, distant terrain has limited visibility or none on primary display and is easily viewable on the export mav display. TGP glare washout suffer the same fate has the other jets prior.


Sixth image is viper, showing TGP glare, bug otherwise dim exports as per other reports. So no idea what is going on here








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Additional info / images

System: I7 7700K - Delidded. TT Cooler. 32GB 3000hz Ram, Gigabyte Aorus Ext 1080TI, SSD's, Corsair Gold 850W PSU, Philips 4K 40inch 60hz monitor, Dell 22inch Touch + Helios, Rift S, VKB MCG PRO, TM TPR pedals, TM Warthog throttle with slew mod and twist repair

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Yes, I experienced this too but if I'm not recall wrong, I see those only on the runway; while taking off or landing...

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