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How to live-load non-mission LUA files?

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Hi guys. I'm after information on how to use DCS in a way that means I don't have to quit & reload DCS after every LUA file update, so the file is essentially live-loaded somehow.


By way of a direct example:

I'm currently trying to develop a fire & smoke change for my own uses, possibly will put it up somewhere for general download too. I did this a long time ago for Arma 2 and it was generally well received and appreciated. (JTD Fire & Smoke.)


I'm fiddling with the file



and as far as I can tell I need to quit DCS and restart before seeing any change in the visual results. My question: can I do something which means I don't have to quit & restart after every file edit?

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Hi DMarkwick.


It seems cool the development you are into. :thumbup:


I am very interested also in the info you are asking for... it would make things a lot more easy for general modding.


EDM reload would be great also.


I imagine there is some kind of debug mode with a console or something so we can write command and flush/reload desired files ?


Thanks in advance :]

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Ye this would be cool.

I know how to hot load a mission lua with a F10 radio message, I wonder what would happen if I call a unit lua there. You can find several tutorials how to do it in mission editor with mission files.

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I can help you with that, can you contact me on my Discord, in my sig ;)

Developer of XSAF::Camelot  A MoDC with custom GOAP AI model and full custom ground up code

over 1500 members two 24/7 servers and a regular structured op on the weekend

Discord: PravusJSB#9484   twitch.tv/pravusjsb  https://www.patreon.com/XSAF  https://discord.gg/pC9EBe8vWU

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