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Instant Action - Night Flying

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You can call the tower on any radio frequency that the tower is listening on. That should give you three options in the F-16: UHF AM, VHF AM, and VHF FM.


Look up the ATC frequencies from a directory of information for example the F10 window and clicking on an airbase icon. The COM1 radio covers the UHF AM frequencies in the 2 or 3 hundreds range. The COM2 radio covers both the VHF AM frequencies 1 hundreds ranges and the VHF FM range of tens of MHz.


Except for the automatic tuning associated with "easy comms" difficulty option you will have to set the radios in the airplane in order to communicate. The standard way of changing the radios involves the buttons on the ICP, e.g. COM1-2-4-3-ENTR will change the COM1 radio to 243MHz.


Choosing which radio to transmit on uses the two directions of the communications hat switch on the throttle, COM1 and COM2 respectively. Make sure that you verify that your transmit device matches your expected device at the top of the white text block, e.g. ARC-164 or ARC-222. Unfortunately "easy comms" difficulty mode removes the ability to directly tune and choose the various radios and may cause confusion or undesired radio behavior. If difficulty is had I recommend turning off this feature.

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