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I had already one mission, that took me maybe 8 attempts, but this one is taking all the joy out for DCS for right now. Only frustration....


Its the mission where you have ot attack the camp in a high valley behind a corner in the valley with three SAM (two in the lower valley and easy to kill) - and four AAA-sites and a low cloudbase. I dont know the mission-number, but its called "Operation Hammerfall, part 3"


Whats frustrating:


1) HUD is unreadable against the lower fog high up; always have to pitch up so I can see, which SP I choose against the blue sky; probably its a DCS-problem


2) my Wingman constantly gets shot down. Either he manages to kill one of the two AAA in front of the corner or none. I tried Mavericks on them but never did get a lock because of the building in the back, which is clever missionbuilding; at least for peopel better than me; also tried GBU-38s but did not manage to get a hit


3) I usually end up doing desperate gun-strafe which of course dont end well....


Overall this Campaing is nice to play and Ive learned quite a few things.


But the only thing Ive learned of this mission is, how to get to the target-area within 10mins; just doing an auto-start, then speeding up time to ~30x, taking off straight of the taxiway, and going fullspeed to the frist two engagements...


4) oh, yes, I thought landing back a the airfield would jump the mission as instructed in the beginning; not even being sucessful at that.


Maybe, if someone is reading this, he could give a hint how to get through or jump this mission.


Anyway I advise everybody buying this campaing to check his abilities. Ive got about 60hrs on the A-10 with 1050 AG-kills and that seems to be not enough...

Win 10, I5-9600K @5,0Ghz, RTX2070S, 32GB Ram, 2x 512GB SSD (one .M2 exclusivly for DCS), TrackIRpro 4, TM Warthog, VKB T-Rudder Mk IV

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Hey! This is the third iteration of the campaign and this mission was aleays quoted as difficult but with majority of people who hated it also loving it - and I eas asked not to

change it. I do realize that working wingman would help a lot but this one is doable with correct approach. It is possible to take out the SAM with Maverick with careful use of TAD and map there and good command of TGP. Sorry it is frustrating - I guess if AI helped a bit more it would have been more manageable. I will dig out some older post with good advice.


And yes, RTB and this skipping the mission is there on purpose :)

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And yes, RTB and this skipping the mission is there on purpose :)


Dont understand this. RTB does skip the mission, does it? I tried twice and it did not work.


Also tried ceating by turning on labels and changing the loadout. First one did not help. And the latter (for sure for a reason) wasnt possible.


Ill leave it for now. Maybe go at it again in a few weeks....


Anyway: not critizizing your work, the Campaing for sure is nice and I can see the effort you put into it. But up to now I thought, Im mildly proficient in the workflow in the A-10. I have to accept that Im obviously far from that.



Win 10, I5-9600K @5,0Ghz, RTX2070S, 32GB Ram, 2x 512GB SSD (one .M2 exclusivly for DCS), TrackIRpro 4, TM Warthog, VKB T-Rudder Mk IV

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Going off the top of my head here, a few ideas and suggestions (that I hope are still true for the current iteration of this mission, which I have only flown once or twice a long while ago):


  • The AI wingmen are just useless. It's a DCS thing. Feel free to let them anchor at an earlier waypoint or send them to RTB right away. They'll just be in your way otherwise.
  • Take your time. Fuel is not an issue, you should have plenty time to work the target area.
  • As long as you stay south of the valley, you should have a limited window into the valley without getting shot at. Use this window to slew your TGP to a target and get the most precise target coords possible.
  • For starters, locate the SAM launcher (I think it's an SA-9, which has a fairly unique shape) and get rid of it with a nice Maverick run.
  • Markpoints are your friends
  • You're completely safe above the clouds. If you have precise coords/markpoints, you can get some JDAMs off from above, and then come back down for BDA.
  • Important targets are SAM (see above) and two bunkers. If you spot AAA, destroying them will help friendly forces later on.
  • This is one of the toughest missions I have ever flown in DCS. You need to make the aircraft and the environment work for you, not against you. Then it's definitely doable.


Good luck!

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I was finally able to complete it using many of the tactics explained above, however I found the wingman to be more helpful than many other people here, for some reason. Yes, he got shot down a lot, but at least after telling him to go after air defenses, he helped by getting rid of one or two emplacements before dying. In this specific mission, I had to lead him into the valley before making the order, or else he wouldn't see them.

Modules: Wright Flyer, Spruce Goose, Voyager 1

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Thx for the tips but I finally managed to skip the mission.


But I almost made it.


After the initial GBU-drops I ordered to the Wingman above the clouds to anchor. Then went down and took out the two AAA-sites in the beginning of the valley with the Mavericks. Would have been better to take only one out with the Maverick and go after the second with the gun to save one Maverick.


Then I sent in the Wingman to engage the air defenses. He took out the SAM-manpad but not the other two AAA-sites.


Ordering a few more times to engage those, did not help. Also the orders to engange other targets were ignored.


So I went in with the gun on the last two AAA-sites. But since I had labels-enabled, I could not see them in all the labels. Managed to take out one but the one in the back got me and all systems (except HUD) went down. So I rtb-ed. And finally heard the jingle, which meant the mission was done. On my other attempts this did not happen...


So actually my "cheat" made it worse for me. Also I put on 4 additional Mavericks (after startup) and even the DSMS did load them correctly, I was only able to use 2 Mavericks. But the weight of the other Mavericks was there all the time....


The two GBU-38s I had left, I did not get to use, since I had troubles with the Tpod. After going around the point it was aiming at before was moved somewhere else; pretty sure not on my behalf. Maybe it had problems with the elevation.... Did not have any trust in them anyway, since I always missed with them before.


Anyway, I think I would have found the correct tactic for this mission now but Im still kind of relieved to be able to go on. Two Mavericks instead of the two GBUs and it would have been almost a breeze! Or at least some Mk82s...

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Win 10, I5-9600K @5,0Ghz, RTX2070S, 32GB Ram, 2x 512GB SSD (one .M2 exclusivly for DCS), TrackIRpro 4, TM Warthog, VKB T-Rudder Mk IV

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