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request for a confirmation before unsubscribing

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maybe it's just me but I use this forum 90%+ with a small smartphone.



From time to time I accidentally hit an unsubscribe link under a subscribed forum's title on my user CP list.



Unfortunately I'm not asked for a confirmation. The forum is simply gone. And with having quite some forums subscribed I don't recall each time which one I just unsubscribed. Stupid me...



Would it be possible to add a confirmation window before executing an unsubscribtion from a forum? Maybe with a "don't ask again"-option for those who don't need that. Would be appreciated very mich.

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Ok. It seems to be just me. Unfortunately there is still no confirmation dialog after accidentally hitting the "unsubscribe" link of a forum in the user CP and before executing the unsubscription.



(Don't) ask me how I know.... ;)

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