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Quickest method to fire mavericks at multiple targets

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I just started learning how to play DCS and the A-10C module, and I was having issues with learning how to launch multiple mavericks at multiple targets using some of the tutorials on You Tube. Although the tutorials work, there seem to be to many buttons presses to do this. The technique that I use requires four button presses, and you don't need to change focus from the maverick MFCD. Note, if someone has already posted this, you the credit goes to you, not me. I just could not find this method in my search results.

I think this is the quickest way to launch multiple mavericks at multiple targets.


The first thing you need to do is to bind a control to the “Steer up” rocker switch in the UFC. I used my “Coolie Hat” switch down movement to activate the switch as I don't have a need to swap that left and right MFCD. Once you do this, you can just press the “Coolie Hat” switch to select the next steer point.


So, the procedure after mapping the Coolie Hat down to the Steer up rocker switch is:


1) Center target in TGP, press TMS right short. Repeat this for each target you intend to shoot a maverick at.


2)Select MARK as the STEER PT option which is below the CDU.

3) Make the MAV MFCD the SOI (sensor of interest).


Now you are ready to launch the mavericks.


4) Press the Coolie hat down to select the steer point you want to launch the first missile at. I usually start at “A”.


5) Press China Hat forward long to slave the maverick to the steer point.


6) Press the TMS up short to lock the maverick on to the target. Note that if the cross hair on the MFCD is not vibrating you may need to press the TMS button up short several times, or slightly move the slew button. This problem is usually eliminated if you created the steer point while pointing the TGP at the center of the target.


7) Press the Weapon Release button to launch the missile.

Repeat steps 4,5,6, and 7 for each consecutive target.


My original video got hosed, so I'm going to post a new video showing how to do this. Stay tuned.

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Yup, that's a good way to do it. :thumbup:


The steerpoint rocker also goes well on the keyboard, particularly the up arrow and down arrow keys, which are not needed for pitch control when flying with a joystick. Or, for example when flying in VR, it makes sense to define other joystick buttons as modifiers to multiply the HOTAS functionality.

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Well it certainly is the smallest number of buttons to press to achieve this. The trick to bind the Steer rocker switch on a HOTAS button is neat for sticking to HOTAS controls, but it is nothing a real life pilot could do. My approach takes 6 button presses while one is pressed twice. It uses standard HOTAS controls. No remapping required:


The setup is the same; create mark points and make it so that you can cycle through them.


1. Coolie switch UP (for HUD SOI)

2. DMS UP short (cycle to next WP)

3. CHINA HAT FWD LONG (for Slave all to STEER PT)

4. CHINA HAT FWD SHORT (for bringing up Maverick Display on right and make it SOI at the same time)

5. TMS UP SHORT (lock target)

6. Pickle


Additionally, if the targets are close to each other and you can fire the Mavericks from the same rack, you can use quick draw in which case the second Maverick on the same rack is just automatically selected and its video is looking right at where the first Maverick was fired at. So you can use this by just having Mav SOI and after shooting tthe first Missile slewing the crosshair to the next target and pickle again. This requires only 2 control usages, but needs a little getting used to slewing properly.

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Btw, Coolie Switch down has already the function to switch MFCDs and have a DSMS quick look. I use this function quite often shortly before running in to triple check that I selected proper weapon and profile and that everything is set up correctly. Maybe use something which is not used already like Mike switch up or Mike switch press.

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