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Looking to join a Training Squadron

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Hi All,


As the tittle says, i would like to join a traiing squadron and learn basic formation flying and stuff and slowly advincing to other things like missons. Ive been flying DCS for a while now but only few days ago, i secured a headset and going into mutiplayer. I have never tried multiplayer in all my DCS flying time and i have no clue what to do. Would appriciate if someone can guide me. I work on shift and can't fly as much as i want so looking for a more relax squadron if there is any.


Thank you

If you want Peace, be prepared to fight for it ! :pilotfly:



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System Specs: i9 9900KS, EVGA 2080 TI FTW 3 Ultra OC'd, 32gb Gskill Trident Z Royal ram(for the bling), Samsung 970 PRO M.2 SSD,. Thrustmaster HOTAS Warthog throttle and VKB GF3/MCG PRO stick, MFG Crosswind V2, HP REVERB.


DCS modules: F-14, F-18, F-16, A-10, Nevada and PG

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