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DCS Mi-8 is 7 years now, time for an update ?

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cosmetic is all that is required with this girl, multicrew also perhaps.


It was done top notch in the beginning and upgraded over years to where this superb module stands now.


I never find anything to moan about with this module... Belsimtek at their very best.


+1. IMO the best chopper currently available in any sim I’ve tried, and though I’d very much like it to get a visual overhaul and multicrew

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Yeah I love this thing. Multicrew would be amazing or even an implementation like 'jester' for the Tomcat. The load master is quite basic and it would be great to have your crew guys calling out height to ground like they do RL on any off airport landing. Also going into combat it would be great for them to call out threats.


I don't think they have it RL but a RWR and CMWS would make it a lot more survivable in high threat environments.


I think that's where the only aircraft I'd prefer to the Hip would be a MH-60 variant that has all the bells and whistles plus perhaps some AGM-114 for when you feel like blowin stuff up!

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It's a very complete and realistic module indeed.



Quite confusing but the Mi-17 is basically the very same Mi-8, but export version. Only Russian operated A/C are designated Mi-8.



The full designation philosophy is quite complex, but saying Mi-17 is an upgraded Mi-8 with tail rotor on the other side is a big simplification. Some Mi-8s ( MTV-5 for instance ) are more performant and younger than older Mi-17-1V.



I agree that this module would only need a 3D/4K/PBR overhaul, maybe a bit regarding the sounds ( the whisling sound of the swashplate driver "scissor" is louder IRL ) but overall a true masterpiece.



Still it is quite limited for serious IFR operations, a VOR/ILS/CDI and a DME would be more than welcome.. but it wouldn't be an Mi-8 MTV2 anymore but civilian MTV1 retrofited with " modern " avionics ( like all current civilian ones around .. )



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For me, a graphical overhaul of the interior (preferably including the cabin) would be the main thing, maybe the exterior but it's not too shabby as is. Everything else is basically there.


Aside from that, multicrew, weather effects and implementation of the rescue hoist/winch (basically identical to slingloading but the ability to vary the length on the fly, though obviously not that useful without anything to pick up).

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With the Ka-50 getting the President-S ECM, I think the Mi-8 can also benefit from it. it would be awesome.





MI-8MVT-2 Cant equip president S, I think only the MI-8AMTSH with the "dolphin nose" currently is the only operational variant with the system, however since they're able to model President-S hopefully if they ever update this model hopefully they could make the IR Jammer on our MI-8 functional.

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I hope that once the art side of things on the Mi-24 Hind is done the artist moves over to give the same treatment as done for the Blackshark to the Mi-8. Would kinda make perfect sense since Mi-24 and Mi-8 are drom the same family of russian helos.

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I would also love some paid for update for the Hip but I'm afraid there is not much to add to the Mi-8 to make enough people pay for an upgrade. Even if they did an MTV-5 I'm afraid the difference to what we have now is too little for the average DCS costumer to spend some $$.

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I do hope that the current cockpit textures would stay as option in settings for VR use, as it is great for that. One of the last things I would want is extra GPU performance consumption when not needed.


I am still waiting a working door winch and rear gunner position and means to perform a SAR missions with personnel in the rear compartment.

But that requires first major features added to Combined Arms and especially ground units handling and how new airplanes, respawns and all are handled in the game.

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Although I am not a stranger to pay for upgrades, like the upcoming KA-50

I can't deny that paid visual upgrades is HIGHLY ILLOGICAL.


I mean think about it for a minute.

I use to take the Paywalled upgrade of the Admiral K as a prime example.


The videogame-industry is constantly evolving.

Games that we thought looked AMAZING 2011 will look terrible 2021!


So if DCS is going to stay around in the next decade - of course they are going to have to upgrade the visuals.

With other simulators coming to the market soon, DCS will be left in the dust and look like shit - compared to the others - in five years or less.


So the question is.

How long can they keep the Admiral K behind that paywall?


If we boot ut DCS World in 2025 and if I would not have bought the SC > will they keep that old relic of the Kuznetsov around? in 10 years? 15?


Following the logic of constantly evolving graphics fidelity, it is clear that they can not keep graphic overhauls behind a paywall.

The modules has to carry them selves and they need to focus on getting new customers to buy the "old" modules - by making them look modern and appealing.


Sucking every penny from the ones who already payed seemes to be a short term solution to save a sinking ship.

Which we will have to hope that this is not


As chopper pilots this is our lot in life in DCS, just except it.

However, If we said, for example, that we want the graphics overhauled and we are willing to pay but we also want the rescue winch on the MI-8 to come with it, then we are doing something different.

If we actually want a graphical fella lowered from our winch above the left door, gloriously modelled within the graphic engine and it comes with our graphical makeover, then this becomes something very much worthwhile to both ED and us.

Once the coding is done, this would affect all modules old and future... and we would be a happier bunch of rotor heads for it..... No?


I am up for it.

Lets pay for what we want with each module that has fallen behind..... but lets do it intelligently. Not expecting everything in one go..... Duh!


I guess our only problem is that there are not too many modules to bargain with.... DOH!

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mi8 is the best chopper module and close to the best module DCS ever had. tti I'd support paid updates with something on a feature list, it does raise the question very well, how do you stop people expecting updates when modules have well outlasted their playing timeline? So how many people in 2020 are asking for updates to Far Cry 4? This is a clear disadvantage to the free core, paid DLC model.


Agree 100 percent that this is one of the best modules of DCS! I would love, love love to see a graphical update with some additional features, even a new dolphin nose/tail ramp variant. I’m also among those willing to pay for an upgrade. Multi-crew, even a very simplified version of it would be extremely welcome, even if it’s just for being able to be in the cockpit just to make instruction a bit more immersive.


With regard to expecting updates for modules that have “outlasted their playing timeline”, I don't think it’s fair to compare a good DCS module to other types of games. A definitive simulation like this Mi-8 is more akin to being a reference, I don’t think it should be viewed as having an expiration date. Updates should be viewed as being more about preserving the Mi-8’s place in the DCS ecosystem, as it itself continues to evolve. The valuable work of simulating this chopper is done. Updates keep the module attractive to new players, entices new sales, and helps ED showcase this as one of the best modules in it’s portfolio. For example, I had never intended to buy the A-10C, but the extra love DCS put into the new C-II version, along with the good reputation the C model already had, essentially caused me to impulse buy (no regrets).


With regard to the “small” DCS multiplayer base, I don’t think ED should underestimate the power MP has to drive sales (if not now, then in the future). Almost all my purchases have come after hearing others I play with “talk up” different modules, or to participate in various events. Eagle Dynamics has made an inter-generational product, it’s been around a long time (going back to Flanker 1.0 for me), and hopefully they will continue to be around for much longer. Consequently, MP is full of old salty dogs and new young bucks. I think younger folks will cause DCS to lean more and towards MP as time passes (another good reason for multicrew).

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