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[REPORTED]Elevator trim with Force Feedback


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Using a Microsoft Sidewinder Force Feedback 2 stick. Trimming to full tail heavy and the aircraft is still wanting to pitch nose down. So in order to maintain level flight I’m having to apply constant pressure aft. Not good for long escort flights:)


Have checked ‘Swap Axis’ in the Force Feedback Tune Panel. Without swapping the axis it was twice as severe.


Also it feels like only the ‘Trimmer Force’ is in effect. Shaking and buffeting is not functioning.


VERY nice module though by the way, thanks for all the hard work :thumbup:


Cheers, Wiggy

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Same here... been like that with other modules like the Yak-52 as well. P-51 for example isn't that bad as I can actually trim in cruise, but I do have to put full tail heavy trim there and still have to pull back on final.



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same here with MS FFB2 stick. But i dont know why the elevator trimwheel has no effect when turning in cockpit with the mouse !?? The other trim are working !

But i dont need FFB effects; my senter force is working; enough for me.

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Hi all


this is reported, the team still have some forcefeedback implementation to add.




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So far no change : Any news and Updates ? no elevator trim in MSFFB2 .... go on please ...


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