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[REPORTED]Static Hornet Nav Light


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Static hornets placed on the carrier at night have a glowing red interwing nav light as seen by the photo. This was done in a single player mission on Persian Gulf with the Supercarrier.



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Furthermore, the nav lights' bloom clips through the wings and is there even if you're not looking at the light (the bloom should not visible unless the light is actually in view of the camera). It seems like a pre-baked bloom effect is being used and honestly it looks worse than before.



Notice the wingtip light bloom, while the actual light cannot be seen from this angle, the bloom from the underwing nav light clip through the wing and the bloom from the top fuselage light clipping through the bottom. Sorry about the bad quality, it's a zoomed-in picture.




If you look behind you at night, in F1 view, you have two bright balls of light, from the top fuselage lights. Those lights are flush with the body of the aircraft and shouldn't appear like that from the pilot's viewing angle. Again, it's due to the pre-baked bloom.


Examples of good nav lights are the F-16, JF-17, F-14 and the M-2000C, where the lights appear to be blooming only when viewed directly (more or less) and the bloom seems natural.


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Had the same, even with daytime parked planes on deck, turning in Marshall stack over the boat, I see those nav lights as bright as the alignement laser light at the back of the deck...

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The issue of the large glowing orbs (from distance) has been brought up a couple weeks ago in this thread and also been marked as [REPORTED] by ED


The problem actually seems to have gotten worse, since now we also get these orbs on Hornets


It might help if you guys also reply and report in the above mentioned topic, to make sure it gets ED's attention

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Even in daylight I can see the red glow on hornets, an IFF cheat! The bloom is off for me, so not sure why it is so visible.

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Static Hornet Nav Light issue has been fixed internally.


Please report separate issues in there own thread




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