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Keybinding - NO/NC instead of toggle

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Is there an easy way to make switches NC (Normally closed) or NO (Normally open) instead of toggle. Getting tired of bad keybinding in DCS, the warthog, mirage and master arm in the F-16 is pretty neat.


I'm not proficient with T.A.R.G.E.T GUI or script, but I'm open to learn it somewhat.


Any tips or ideas?


(TM Warthog)


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I am not sure to understand what you mean with NC (Normally closed) and NO (Normally open).


The problem with Warthog throttle, the way I usually explain it with my frenchglish.. Is that those 2 and 3 way toggle only send a direct x button that the pc can see on their On position, and not on their Off position.


If that is the issue you are talking about, then yes I can help you, both with Target GUI or Script Editor, and also with Joystick Gremlin which is the one I advise today.


Here is an exemple in Joystick Gremlin, with the 3 positions Flap toggle switch which is On - Off - On.



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Sorry for bad explanation, but yes you had the right assumption.

NO (Normally open) switch would constantly give a signal when in the ON position, and cut the signal in the OFF position, NC (Normally closed) would be the inverted version of this.


Never heard of "Joystick Gremlin" but I'm going to check it out when I got the time, will this program make the joystick a viritual joystick as T.A.R.G.E.T does? (Just read about this)


Will update my progress if there's anything.

And thanks btw, much appreciated!


TM Warthog | TM MFD | Buddyfox UFC | Logitech G Pro Flight Rudder | TrackIr 5 | Oculus CV1 | Voiceattack+VAICOM | Tacview | Comatflite | too many modules

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Yes, to use Joystick Gremlin you have to install Vjoy, then you create one, or more.. Vjoy device that will constantly stay virtually connected to your PC. Then you use Joystick Gremlin to configure those Vjoy device(s).


Target also work with virtual device. But it automatically hide your physical device(s) and merge them into a virtual device when you run a Target profile.


With Gremlin the physical device remain visible, which isn't a problem with DCS because the mapping menu is great, we work in a different column for each device, virtual or not. For other game however it might be needed to hide physical device. In this case we can install HID Guardian, using this app, then in Joystick Gremlin option menu we find an option to hide device. It is important to run JG as admin, Also note that after we tick/untick a box to hide/unhide a device, we have to reconnect the device for the change to occur.


Oh and we also need this version of JG for that to work correctly.

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I think this is what you are talking about in Target, this snippet is using the awesome 128 button library from here for the ALT Hold 3 position toggle on the Warthog throttle

Pulse+ makes the button press momentary (so it ends in Open rather than close) when going to the on position, and MAPKEYR sends the keystroke (again Momentary) on the Off or centering move. I use it to move between A2A and A2G mode, with the centering toggle turning the modes off (i.e. a second press)


MapKey(&Throttle, APPAT, PULSE+DX44);

MapKeyR(&Throttle, APPAT, PULSE+DX44);

MapKey(&Throttle, APAH, PULSE+DX45);

MapKey(&Throttle, APALT, PULSE+DX46);

MapKeyR(&Throttle, APALT,PULSE+DX46);

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