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Lazy eagles looking for friends to fly with.

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we are here agine to try and bring people together and fly. We have people from all around the world so its alwas active.


Are you looking for people to fly with in dcs? Tired of alwas having to fly alone or go super Miltary sim? Just want to fly with people and have fun in your own way with others? Well look no further. The lazy eagles invites you.


Why join us? We are just a bunch of people who enjoy flying in dcs, and enjoy learning and teaching new things. We try to keep the group together and flying together as much as possible. But we are also understanding of real life. We only require you to fly and be on comms with us twice a week (although full inactivity will get you demoted or removed) I try to manage with as little i intervention as possible. I interven when I see somthing creating a split in the group.


We have two full time servers up and running on two diffrent maps that restart every 6 hours. Both of these servers are running moose and zues codes. Meening you can spawn and do whatever you want on them.


We try to have events and comptions every weekend.


So go ahead and hop in and see what we are like.


Discord: https://discord.gg/GJyngGE


Hope to see you, and fare skys

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Yes they have mate :)


John "Duff"

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DCS : A-10C - KA-50 - FC3 - UH-1H - M-2000C - F-16C - F/A-18C Pilot in Border Zone Elite Group :D:D:D

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