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Adding grass airfield in ME

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Hello guys,


some time ago I flew on the Aerobatics Server in the Yak 52. There was an option to start on a mountain ridge so no official airport. How do i do this myself? I searched in the mission editor for it but couldn't find anything which is frustrating. I already designed a little outpost with FARP and a small airfield for the Yak but can't start the mission there which is annoying. Hopefully you guys can help me out. Thanks!

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if I remember correctly by adding in the file DCS World OpenBeta\MissionEditor\modulesme_route.lua the following lines under plane_one_point and plane_first_point, like if it were a helicopter, you can takeoff from the ground:




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Here's an OvGME archive containing said mod.

Feel free to drop me a message if you need more help !

Hacks - MissionEditor - Ground Takeoff.zip

Zip - VEAF :pilotfly:


If you want to learn, talk and fly with french-speaking friends, the Virtual European Air Force is here for you ! Meet us on our Discord and our forum

If you're a mission creator, you may want to check the VEAF Mission Creation Tools (and its GitHub repository) a set of open-source scripts and tools that make creating a dynamic mission a breeze !

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