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Can't refuel on carrier


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If you run out of fuel completely on the carrier deck, you can't refuel again. You get the "Copy" acknowledgement from the crew chief when requesting refueling, the refueling noise is played, and you get the "refueling complete" report, but the gauges aren't moving, and you can't start the aircraft afterwards.



This happens both on the Stennis and the Supercarrier. I haven't tested on land.



Including a trackfile, but I doubt it is of much value.



Open Beta

refuel bug.rar

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Yeah, of course the fuel pumps would be damaged, but you should still be able to get fuel into the tanks.




In any case, a repair doesn't work. You still don't get any fuel after a completed repair.

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Actually you can start the aircraft afterwards. When you run the hornet out of fuel you just can't use the APU you can however perform an air start from the ground crew instead. Then the fuel indicators will show the correct fuel (cosmetic bug here).


Proc is something like


1. Air bleed -> Off

2. Connect Air Supply

3. Engine Crank R

4. Apply Air

5. Wait for start

6. Engine Crank L

7. Apply Air

8. Wait for Start

9. Disconnect Air

10. Bleed -> Both

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