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Game Crashes When Hitting F2

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Hey everyone! Just wanted to pick all your brains for a quick problem.


My DCS continues to crash when and only when I select the F2 outside view. All other outside views work just fine and I can even slew the F11 view right up to my aircraft with no problems. It is quite literally only when I press F2. Now, this is for all aircraft, on all maps. Attached is my DCS crash log file if anyone can make sense of it. This problem is isolated to the latest update.


Things I have tried and non have worked:

-A DCS Repair

-A total DCS reinstall to vanilla (yea, all 160GB.....shieeeet)

-clearing shaders

-Tweaking and eliminating paging file

-played with options in game.

-no mods or forgien files in coremods (it's now vanilla)


I hope someone here can help me! Thanks guys.


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Thank you for the data


We are aware of an issue with older AMD processors, the team are working on a fix.


thank you


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