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Flight Simulation Museum

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Last night I was looking for the old flight simulators I flew in my younger years and I found this interesting website.


The Flight Simulator Museum, all flight sims since 1980:





It was so cool to see my first flight simulator I have ever flown, Strike Commander......it had a great story line and you had to fly missions for money.......AWESOME!


Anyone else who flew this sim?


Here are some youtube movies of Strike Commander:



What sims did you fly?

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Mid 80-ies aka Pumpers and Sims




Uh, First was Red Baron, then F-15, nice dynamic campaign with ranks and ribbons (my favorite). Then came F-19, also very nice with night missions and jamming capabilities. Than A-10 hi-res dos/win sim, and hours of fun with its cannon. And all that played on a keyboard... Phu, guess that one is the last on the list you provided.



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Falcon "1.0"!


My dad had Flight Simulator 1 (!) and 2, but the first one that I really remember falling in love with was Falcon... the original!!! Around the same time, I also remember getting Flight Simulator 3 which was my first real venture to becoming a real life civilian pilot; although, Falcon was the best game ever! At the time, back in a day when most people hardly had home computers, my dad had a network at home (he worked as a network administrator/software developer - still does in fact) and me and my best friend flew 1-on-1's as early as 1987, on four color CGA graphics in the original Falcon. That's also my first exposure to formation flying! Despite the way the graphics appear by today's standards, I still think it looks awesome and at the time, even having a "color" monitor was considered unusual! That game changed my life... literally! I honestly don't know if I would have pursued my dreams if it hadn't been for that summer day back in 1987 when me and my dad went to "Egghead" (a computer store at the time) and we found a copy of Falcon, of course not knowing what its legacy would be decades later... (I still have the game in its original box exactly as seen below at home - even the stickers on the box are the same). :D


If I have to pick a few to comment on, here goes:


This is the first real memory I have of falling in love with any computer game!!! The year was 1987 and we flew formation and dogfights on my dad's LAN (very unusual at the time). I was ten years old when, to my mom's great despair, I became a computer addict at the ripe age of ten! (By 80's standards almost unheard of). :P



A year later, I also remember this game distinctly. Mostly for its purple box and the manual(s) you used to get back in the early days. Each box would weigh a minimum of 5 lbs... That kind of "bathroom reading" is definitely hard to come by nowadays! ...I wish it wasn't. Btw, this fictional F-19 jet looks an awful lot like the jets in the movie "Stealth" doesn't it!



Having owned every Falcon title ever released - when Falcon 3.0 first came out in 1991 it raised the bar far beyond anything seen before... and of course the manuals and training was second to none too. Spent at least a week in the bathroom for this one alone! I still have every add-on and book in their original boxes for the Falcon 3.0 series. While the game is outdated, the manuals are still kick-@ss! ;)



A bonus with Falcon 3.0; anyone remember this book? I still have it stashed away somewhere at my mom's place. Very good book on ACM, BFM and energy management without being too hard to digest. Heck, I was learning this as a 13-year old at the time and thought nothing of it. :)



We found MigMan's Flight Simulator Museum site a while back and have a link posted somewhere in the private forums. What impresses me (and scares me at the same time) is that I have either owned and/or played about half of all the titles listed dating back to the mid 80's. There are so many fond memories of games and their manuals I can't count them! Talk about a nostalgia trip here!!!


Simply awesome! :D


P.S. For fans of Microsoft Flight Simulator check this out: Flight Simulator History: Download the FS History video (120 Mb)


Brings back many memories... :cry: :cry: :D


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I was manning a desk on a USMC base in Okinawa Japan back in '89 when our SSgt. was at work late at night in a dark office with a reddish/blue glow around him as he sat back in one of the corners. I casuall walked over to find him trying to fly this F-19 with the arrow keys. :)


I bought a copy the very next day.

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I still have Strike Commander on my shelf. Was the first flight sime I realy got into. My dad hated the fact that I used his 486 insted of me using my 386 at the time. O thoes were the days.

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I still have Strike Commander on my shelf. Was the first flight sime I realy got into. My dad hated the fact that I used his 486 insted of me using my 386 at the time. O thoes were the days.


Hehehe, and see where we are now :D


Though no sim nowdays is as special as "that sim back then......." ;)


I'm wondering where my Strike Commander box ended up......no clue =/

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