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Mk-83 model problem


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Well, i've created a new Mk-83 bomb model and i got a problem with it.

when i watch it in the mission editor, or in modelviewer everything seems to be ok. But this is what happen when i try it in-game:


it's got this silly green color, and i can't fix it. i don't know whats the matter. The model has got only standart materials.


Here is the original look of the model:



Please if anyone can help with it let me know.


A.K.A Csocso

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Mirages can carry 83's in the AdA-mod:)


Yeah, and my Charger can carry an AIM-54.:megalol:


btw' date=' I think my next weapon is a JDAM, maybe this MK-83 version.[/quote']


JDAM's are Mk-84's with Precision compatability addons.:smilewink:

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