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HSI operation


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You can't, it's mode/course dependent in FC3 aircraft.


So for example,


• Batumi (ID 11) -> Landing Mode (LDG/NOC) -> sets the HSI course to 126°T (the runway heading)

• Senaki (ID 12) -> Landing Mode (LDG/NOC) -> sets the HSI course to 95°T (the runway heading)

• Kobuleti (ID 13) -> Landing Mode (LDG/NOC) -> sets the HSI course to 70°T (the runway heading)


... etc.


IIRC in NAV mode the HSI course reads the planned heading for the current route leg i.e. from WP01 --> WP02, it's not something you can adjust separately.


Note that the instruments (including magnetic compasses) in FC3 aircraft read True/F10 map headings.

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