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Hi All,


I fly hornet for context.


What is required (if it's even possible) to disable an enemy farp from rearming/ spawning heli's?


I'm assuming I can't stop helicopters from spawning without a ground unit to capture the farp (also how to capture a farp?)


Other than the sam site/defensive position to blow up. Does it help to blow up the standard spawn items such as the couple camo tent (ammo?) units. The barrels compound (fuel?). The big green tent. And then there's usually a concrete walled structure nearby, 1-2 story. Also, often there are the (command post?) buried bunker type thing; which requires the bigger bombs to penetrate?


Are all these required to be destroyed to stop enemy heli's from arming there?


What munitions are able to destroy them? seems rockets don't really blow them up, even though you'd think placing some rockets into an ammo dump or fuel dump would do the trick...




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JSOW-C should be able. large GBUs and CBUs could. set fuse to delay so it does not just blow up grass.





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