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I am trying to use dsc with my dual screen as I was doing 1 years ago but can’t find the good way to do it. If someone could help me, I will appreciate.


So I have 2 screens, one is the center one used for the view and the other left one was used to display helios or instruments like MFCD.


I modified my monitorconfig file in many ways but the left screen is always showing my windows desktop, and not the game. It is the same if I set the left screé as the main. The windows of dcs end at the right end of the left screen.


For center I put my total screen lenght 3040 per 900 but don’t change anythings

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We have people working through these things all day in the Capt Zeen discord.



Your specific problem sounds like you did not set the DCS 'Resolution' large enough to include both your screens. As a result, it always snaps to just your main screen. It does that if your Resolution setting is set to the size of your main screen.

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