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Campaign sample Mission 2 hangs after pressing FLY.

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Hi there. I'm trying to fly two demo missions downloaded from here - https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3138971/



Second mission hangs right after pressing FLY (DCS does not react to ESC or any other buttons, but pops confirmation dialog when closed from the taskbar icon). 7th mission works fine, there is no hanging! And both missions have very low FPS right after start, when briefing overlay is shown (I've read in other threads that this is normal). But, again, after hitting FLY 2nd mission hangs (even TrackIR stop working) and 7th mission smooths itself.


My DCS version is, running "free month" modules. No other modifications at all.




Are sample missions obsolete and need to be updated?




And can I hope that full paid campaign will work correctly at this point of time?

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HOTAS Warthog, RTX 2060, 16Gb RAM, 24'' FullHD

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Hi JohnG, I am sorry to hear that. The sample files should work with version 2.5.5 but I would not be surprised if there are performance problems.


The only versions I can vouch for at the moment are those with the 2.5.6 open beta. All missions were updated and re-tested last month. The samples are still technically current, but they are the old versions. The files for 2.5.5 and 2.5.6 are not compatible due to major changes to the Normandy map.


Honestly, I would not recommend flying the campaign until the 2.5.6 open beta is stable and released. The Normandy map was updated by that developer to greatly increase performance. Things should be much better soon.


Thanks a lot.

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