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what is that thing sticking out of the wings???

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Not knowing what the heck it is, or how to describe it or what its function could possibly be I can find no smart way to ask what the heck it is☺


When you are sitting in the cockpit and you look left there is that odd "Astric" looking thing on a stick protruding from the spar between those left-hand wings...


WTH is it and what does it do please☺?


I mean, why on the left and not the right, and why wouldn't they even mention the most oddball feature in the tutorials☺?


Thank you ahead of time.

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I was wondering if it had to do with horizon angle, but am so used to the older fighter jets just having the delineations hash-marked on the canopy that I could not accept one physically modeled and suspended from between the wings like that.

The link really helped too.


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It's described in the manual starting on page 29.


Manual can be found in '...\Mods\aircraft\Christen Eagle II\Doc'




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