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[REPORTED]AUTO not going back to CCIP after WPT undesignate

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Since thé last update it’s impossible to get back to CCIP mode with the undesignate WPN.


If you’Re on CCIP and you designate a waypoint as target you automaticly go to auto mode. Thé undesignate use to get you back to CCIP ... not since the last uptade for me :cry:

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I have the same problem as referenced in this post, and i have a timestamped video as track would probably be too large / long.


(direct link as the embedded video's timestamp was incorrect for some reason and i can't get it to work proper)



You will see CCIP displayed in Prog 2 on the stores page on letf DDI, and you will see it switching to auto the moment i hit WPTDSG. As per Wags' AUTO TO CCIP Video, the stores page should continue to display CCIP so the jet knows what program to fall back to when undesignate. As you can see, it stays AUTO and i switch to CCIP manually.


Note that this recording was taken before Wednesday's update, but testing showed the problem consists in the latest version as well, referrencing this threat:



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I too have this issue... The Stores page changes from CCIP to AUTO when the waypoint is designated as a target.

That is correct. The issue is that it doesn't properly revert to CCIP after the target is undesignated.

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