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FFB, AOA, FM considerations

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Mig21bis in DCS has been easily my favorite DCS module. I've flown in online for thousands of hours and quite competitively on the cold war servers.


I use a FFB stick so the feeling of holding the nose just above stall requires roughly the same amount of stick pressure even as the speed and stick angles both change dynamically. So it is quite easy to hold the Mig 21 on the edge without looking at the AOA indicator if you have a FFB stick.


Of course most DCS flyers don't use FFB and it is no surprise to me that many complain that they can't fly the Mig21 in a dog fight. Ofcourse they can't. They can't tell if the plane is about to stall with no ffb. They have to take their eyes off the enemy and look at the AOA indicator... There are two flashing red lights that warn of AOA limit on the canopy but they are too low to see while looking up at an enemy plane you are turning into.


I could speculate that the devs have caved into pressure from these people and made the mig now impossible to stall from over Alpha. I just tested it and there is no FFB ( which makes me wonder if the Devs are flying without FFB) and I can just hold the stick back to the stop at all speeds without any chance of departure. It is now like Fly By Wire and the best thing about this module is lost.


Maybe some more visible cockpit shaking might help the non FFB guys know that they are about to go over AOA limits.


Or even better, some sound effects of the air frame straining would also be a good help for knowing the AOA limits are approaching. The Viggen airframe for example makes a lot of noise as you approach AOA limits.


Please consider sounds and visual ques to show AOA limits instead of removing them completely. Many of us love this aspect of flying the mig21


I for one hope the AOA limits are restored to more challenging and realistic levels and the FFB fixed. Mig21 has such great FFB in DCS it was the only module I could feel the transition from supersonic to subsonic in FFB stick pressure alone.

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