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AUX Radio (RED Radio) still in use IRL ?

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Hey guys, i was wondering if the UHF Aux radio (RED) is still in use IRL ?


Why i am asking this question you might think, look at the picture below.






In the first picture it's a Mirage 2000C, look at the frequency repeater, only the green radio is ON at this moment, and the red seems to be OFF, displaying 8 stars, we can also note that the frequency are in the correct position, U/VHF Radio is the bottom one and UHF Aux radio is the top one. Which is not the case in game, position are inverted.


So far so good,


In the second picture it's also Mirage 2000C and the frequency repeater is in the same state as the first picture, so i'm wondering if the UHF radio is still used. Is this because it's an "Auxiliary Radio" ? And that would make sense.


On another hand it's seems that the in-game repeater isn't correctly modeled, it should display 8 chars with the mode of the radio and it's current frequency in 5x7 font, but it's minor detail. More importantly the frequency position should be inverted.


I think that if it's was correctly modeled BEFORE THE COCKPIT UPDATE it should have looked like that :




It's a picture i took few month ago, as we can see, The repeater is separated in two window, the top one indicate only the preset number of the UHF Aux radio and the bottom one indicate frequency/preset of the U/VHF radio.


So the real question is : What the repeater should display when the AUX Radio is turned on ? with the New gen repeater ?


Thanks in advance.




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Yes, this is just that the new repeater isn't compatible with the old UHF radio. But it's still in use and working.

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