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Geologist mission LZ

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I need to drop the geologists at a LZ, radio message told, me drop them somwhere in the forrest. I cant find the spot, its driving me crazy. Performing 20 Landings only to activate a trigger feels so stupid, i have quit the mission! Where is the LZ? A smoke marker need to be added.

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Dear Jafferson,

Investigating Your case.

There should be directions from passengers-geologists. Place can be recognized even without a smoke marker - there will be an old oil pump.


Meanwhile You can skip any unwanted or unplayable mission in this campaign by selecting Auto success option from radio menu. It should be available just right after mission start. Select F10 and than F1. Mission score will be set to 100, You can exit mission and proceed with next one.

Best Regards, Dmitry.


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Also was just flying around landing at every 'clearing' beside the forest on the N side - just quit the mission in the end. No directions of guidance to help find the right 'spot'.


Edit: Just checked the mission in the ME - if you mean the place we need to go is the collection of items to the W of Apsheronsk, that is 16km away, no way would I think of flying that far looking for an oil oil rig that could be anywhere. Some clearer instructions needed, like fly 15 km NW lol.


Is a shame as am really enjoying the campaign.

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Just did this mission yesterday, yes it isn’t clear at all where they want landing, I ended up doing a grid search for a good 20 mins until I spotted the oil Derrick.


For those who don’t want to do the grid search, once you fly north over the mosque, turn left about 45 degrees and fly for a few mins, you will come across a clearing with a Derrick in the middle of it.


Easier to spot if you have a good amount of altitude.





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Just had a similar experience to this - I followed the north road from the large town but there are two north roads, with the one closer to 000 being incorrect - it seems the correct road is more like 340ish. Luckily I spotted the village with the mosque off to my left, but once I received further instruction there it felt a bit vague - clearing near the north edge of the forest. I was looking near the forest at the edge of the town then checked a nearby clearing. There are quite a few clearings in the forest in this area. I ended up checking someone else's playthrough on Youtube and they had the same problem!


Otherwise I'm enjoying the campaign so far.

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