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Add a weapon on a boat mod

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Morning, everyone.


Containment is the occasion for my team and me to start trying to create mods.


If we have a good 3D designer we have less talent in LUA scripting.


I've been looking for documents to help but I haven't found much on boat and vehicle mods.


I still have a lot of questions about the order of the headings in the LUA, the possibilities of functions, etc...


We've had help from Suntsag and Dimitriov but we also want to discuss this with the community.


To be able to separate my different problems I will write one post per mod and the problems associated with it.








So, here is a mod from the Russian AGI Balzam. It is rather simple to code, but it will be useful to understand the coding of a simple weapon: the AK-630.


It has indeed a turret at the front.


How do you do that? Just copy and paste a piece of code from another ship?


Which lines of code are mandatory?


I suppose you also have to associate the arming with a sensor?


Thank you in advance for the help.






"Fighter Pilots make movies, Bomber Pilots make History"



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