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A big thank you for the hard work tonight

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Sometimes i do. Last week i thanks thev worker in our local supermarket.





A year ago i think a similar way. But my currently employment is really good in give me the feeling "you do great work, your work is important for our business, we appriciate your efford, THANK YOU". And it feels so good and motivate so much. Since them i also try to finde nice words or at lest be polite and nice, even when i talking to support cause my internet crashed again.


Be nice and kind, respecting other peoples work. That is something that seems lost these days-

In special in those corona says which a really hard for everyone. Bringing extra effort on easter-weekend to release on time is something that should be mentioned.





To be honest, as a Developer Point of view. Transparency is the worst. 99,9% of all customers can't understand what we want them to tell.


To me this "Communication Problem" is natural behaviour. Its bussiness as usual that a few days before release the board is full of bugs. Even 10 BLocker Bugs menas nothing if they could fixxed them until release. Beeing a blocker dont meant it is hard to fix.

Giving this infos to customers make them think they understand what happens. Then thy start to ask questions, they start to give suggestions. then the Devs need to talk to them, need to explain why there ideas are bullshit. In my experienciese you loose 40-50% efficiency in bug fixxing when you need to talk to other people about what you do.


In my eyes ED react very good. They tell that there are problems, they tell that they still aim on 15 but maybe it wont happen. And until there see a chance to release it on time they try there best. And when it dont happens, they take a depth breath, relaxe 1-2 days, and restart bugfixxing again.


And dont forget we talk about open beta branch and not stable. Its called open beta for a reason, even 99% of the community seems forget about that.




Im not a fan of such comparisons cause it build up the feeling that some mentions are more worth then others. But be my guest:










Black Shark





Persion Gulf Map

Nomandy Map

WW2 Asset pack

Combined Arms


Think you outperform me by 6 modules. Gratulation


Do you release directly to a customer test environment without a qa period between code freeze and test environment release? We have a month buffer between the two.

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