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A-10C Flight Bag Mod

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I know this would be mostly just cosmetic, but I'm missing the flight bag on the dashboard for a long time already.

And now with the new cockpit model in place it would be the perfect time for a mod like this.


I was wondering if there is a talented modder, who would be interested in helping me to create these (or at least pointing me in the right direction how to insert 3D models into the cockpit and how to get the measurements correct).


I found a mod for the Hornet with cockpit modifications that can be loaded on "station 5" via the loadout menu. (https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3307121/)


It should be much easier to do something similar for the A-10C (for station 6) since the bags do not have any functionality (other than blocking the view).


Thanks for the help in advance!



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