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Such a great campaign from the great Baltic Dragon!!!

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More time at home means a lot of readjustments, but it also means more time to play DCS :smilewink: Recently I decided to go back to our beloved Hog...


I had never played TEW… Started a few days ago. Another great campaign again from the great BD!!


This morning I played TEW mission 4 and I had a blast!!!


no real spoilers below...


On the last assignment, Axeman, (and there are several!) it got pretty nasty… with the help of my wingman we did hit almost everything asked for by the JTAC (inputting coordinates, looking for smoke markers, S.A.-ing east-west passes…).


Suddenly, my wingman is shot down by a chance bullet and, with all the flying around, I missed one of the vehicles coming from the East until it hid in the trees and started shooting at the friendlies… But it was so well hidden in the trees that with only east-west passes because of the mountains it was quite hard to locate... let alone make SPI…


At the end (after almost 2 hours airborne), I had no more wingman, no more ammunition (not even gun rounds) except ONE maverick and less than 1000 Lbs of fuel… Still, I was not allowed to leave.


I made several passes in order to locate the last APC (watching nervously my Fuel all this time and making quick mental calculations of the return leg)…


Finally! In one of my last pass, I saw the hidden APC in my targeting pod and quickly made it SPI, slaved the Maverick to it, locked it and fired in extremis at the minimum range…


Boom! Success. RTB on conservative fuel settings (90% core RPM @ Angels 15) and landed with fumes…


Wow! What a great satisfying mission!!


Thanks BD!!!


In DCS I fly jets with thousands of pounds of thrust...

In real life I fly a humble Cessna Hawx XP II with 210 HP :D

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Man, after finishing mission two, I noticed small details that really make the immersion.



On all the major intersections on the planned convoy route, there is a vehicle blocking the intersecting road so that civilian traffic can't proceed - being that I work in Washington D.C. (during normal times) that is exactly what they do whenever a motorcade passes through. Great touch.



And also in mission 2:


After I destroyed the RPG ambush attempt, the armored vehicles rushing towards the smoking area, and stopping, then soldiers getting out to look :thumbup:


So great.

Modules: Wright Flyer, Spruce Goose, Voyager 1

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