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Howdy aviators,


One of the aspects I think is lacking for inexperienced pilots like me is training campaigns specific to the F18. I enjoyed the A10C qualification campaigns, I think they helped develop some critical skills in operating the aircraft basics through to advanced targeting etc.


Does anyone know if anything like that is in the works for the F18?



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Yes the small handful of training missions built into the game for the Hornet are very good, I have been working and learning with all of them. But there certainly needs to be more, as they do not cover anywhere near everything. Finding the rest needed is just an effort to search and find which can be frustrating and lead to long breaks in the process.

At least that is currently the way it is for me which I find very frustrating.

Afterwards I usually get so frustrated I just stop. Hence why I have so many modules yet to be touched.

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F/A-18C Training Tutorial


Jizzbomb, I have been asking the same question. I am not sure if ED is in the business of making chronologically sequential training tutorials. Such a tutorial is a needed product which would benefit both beginners and our more advance players. If there is anyone out there that think this is a task to take on, I can assure you that all newcomers will flock to purchase your product. Could you imagine walking up to your aircraft, with your instructor and a course syllabus, climbing in and starting up your jet for your first lesson at a land base and subsequently a Carrier. Such a program, if in dept, can demand a price equal to the cost of a DCS jet. I know I would purchase it, even before I buy another new Jet--maybe that is why I have not purchase anything after the F/A-18C and the pre-purchased Carrier.

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