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Double Click events


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Hi everyone,


I have just started with Target Script Editor for my Thrustmaster TWCS Throttle. I need to program a single click event and a DOUBLE CLICK event for the same button.


However I did not find any function I could use to measure elapsed time between one button press and another (in the PDF Script Target Manual). Do you know if there is any additional information I might be missing that I could use for this DOUBLE CLICK implementation.


Currently I have a CH FighterStick and a script that measures time between button presses. In my case, I use it for fast switching of views. Single click in a button generates F1, Double Click, generates ALT-F1 which is very useful for me to keep a track of a bandit trying to escape my guns.


With my TWCS Throttle I want to be able also to do the same type of double click events.




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Thanks Ant0ine,


I thought about tempo, but it kinds of takes a while to do the event. In this case, I need something fast.


I found the following reference, it looks like with the Thrustmaster Script, I can call any win api function, just like C. I thought it was not a real C languange.


Look at this:



And thanks for the Gremlin reference, it looks like that is the way to avoid coding!

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I was searching for Double Tap functionality, but couldn't find it anywhere, so came up with it myself. With Multi Tap you can assign commands to:

  • single tap
  • single tap + hold aka Long Press (just like Tempo)
  • double tap
  • double tap + hold
  • ...
  • n number of taps with/without hold at end

 Joystick Gremlin can detect long press and double tap, but it can't do both at the same time.


There's also an AHK option, but I didn't want to rewrite all my mappings in AHK immediately after doing it in TMC.


PS: I'm coding in C after a long time, so there might be more efficient means of achieving the same functionality. Do test it out and let me know about any bugs/improvements. Example script is for the TWCS, but easily adaptable to your device.

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