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Setting Camera Views

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I LOVE this JET!!!

My opinion, this is the BEST DCS aircraft. Bar none. They should take lessons from your team.☺

And 100% FrameRate FRIENDLY! Better framerates than ANY other newer ED aircraft. Just say'n☺.


OK, now that that's dealt with properly:

When I had the free trial I think it was the F4 key gave me a nice closeup of my jet -Looking back behind the jet. I bound it to my Warthog for watching bombs decimate their targets.

VERY Epic☺!


But now that I purchased this finest of DCS aircraft the look back key [F4] only sits behind the jet looking forward. That's not looking back as labeled. Moving the view per mouse it does not stay at all and once off the view and back it is simply looking forward over the jet's shoulder instead of looking back as it is named.


Can someone please point me to where I can find the answer to getting that cool looking back view back please? I am going bonkers trying to find where to do this seeing as the F4 look back view key doesn't look back☺.


Thank you!

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the view setting is in JF-17/views.lua

i may need to take a look


Thank you☺.


Just took a look around it in Notepad 2. Looks like an interesting thing to try and decipher some day. Well, it is a start. I will do some searches and see what the basics are.


You have set me in motion in the right direction. Thank you for your answer☺

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try the different combinations Ctrl+F4, Shift+F4, Alt+F4 XD

Alt+F4? Well, I prefer to do Format C: and boost my FPS xDDDDD




(Please for the love of god, don't do it)

(Do it in a Virtual Machine if you're curious xD)

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